Spoil Yourself With 5 Tech Gadgets For Summer 2012

1. Jawbone Big Jambox Jawbone’s Big Jambox is the big brother of the original Jambox adding to the family of wireless intelligent speakers. The speaker connects to any device using bluetooth, and pumps out songs wirelessly, for up to 15 hours of continuous playback. You can also connect a device with an audio cord. The […]

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Glancee is joining Facebook

A Smart Step Forward Into Ambient Social Networking: Facebook Acquired Glancee

Glancee is a leader in ambient social networking, along with competitors Highlight and Sonar. Unlike its competitors Glancee is the easiest to use and least creepy of the bunch. Perhaps this is part of the reason Facebook bought Glancee instead of one of its competitors.Or, it could just be the mobile service that came with […]

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Mice And Keyboards Rendered Obsolete In The Future?: Here’s How.

A group of researchers working out of Carnagie Mellon University and Disney Research in Pittsburgh have developed a new, more advanced touch technology called Touché. Touché will advance the ways we interface with mobile technologies. Touché seems likely to evolve the ways we use tablets and smartphone devices. In the future, we might only need […]

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Creepy? Or Just Effective Ambient Social Networking?: Facebook Updates Messenger For iOS and Android

Facebook’s updated messenger now allows you the ability to see if someone has read a message you sent. It will tell you who has seen the message right below the message–this message has been seen by… The updated messenger service also lets you see if someone is working on a message to send back to you. In […]

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NYC subway

Wi-Fi Finally Coming To NYC’s Underground Subway Stations?

After years of waiting, it seems underground wifi will be coming to NYC’s subway terminals. The service comes as a collaboration between Transit Wireless and Boingo. Over the next five years, underground Wi-Fi access will become available in all stations spanning Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens. Boingo already boasts an impressive customer base, with already […]

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Apps Infographic

60% Of iOS Developers Lose Money With Apps [INFOGRAPHIC]

According to a new study by App Promo, about 60% of iOS developers lose money with their apps. The infographic alludes to the notion that app developers are not spending nearly enough money marketing their apps. Check out the infographic below for some truly revealing statistics:

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Galaxy 3

Remarkably Unremarkable: Samsung’s Galaxy S III

After weeks of insufferable hype, Samsung finally released its newest phone in the Galaxy line up. Many were hoping for a real game changer, given the build up to the release, but most were left underwhelmed. GigaOM outlines the smartphone’s new features: 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display with 1280 x 720 resolution. The phone, made in plastic […]

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Facebook’s Latest IPO Coverage

Facebook posted a fifth amendment to its IPO today, revealing that it will be selling 180M shares of Class A stock at $28-35. This means the company will be raising between 5 and $ 6.3 billion. Also, existing shareholders are selling 157,415,352 shares. The amendment itself states: Facebook, Inc. is offering 180,000,000 shares of its Class A common stock […]

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Zillow Rentals

Easiest Way To Find Your Next Home On Your Smartphone: Zillow Rentals

Zillow releases its first rental app for Android devices, an app called Zillow Rentals. Apps are a big part of Zillow’s success. The company has 10 apps currently, and on weekends 40% of Zillow’s traffic comes from mobile devices. That contributes to the 32 million visitors Zillow has per month. Last year, 155 million homes were […]

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U.S. Accounts For 40% Of Smartphone Sales Worldwide & Other Interesting Mobile Research Stats

Some interesting finds by research group Chetan Sharma: The U.S. accounts for 40% of all smartphones sales, and in 2012 the mobile industry will bring in $1.5 trillion dollars in revenues. The research found that mobile apps contributed most to revenue, followed by web browsing, streaming media, music and gaming. These non messaging features make […]

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The Twitter Of Email Releases Updated App With Offline Mode

Shortmail is an email service that restricts messages to 500 characters or less. This means, if someone sends you a longer message, Shortmail will message them back and request a shorter message. The app helps you eliminate the superflous in your life by managing your email intake. The new app comes with a feature called “let’s chill” […]

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iPhone App PlaySay Helps You Learn A New Language And Make New Friends With

PlaySay is a language learning app with a gaming platform that focuses on social communication. The service was originally a Facebook app that blossomed into mobile with its iPhone app. The original service would take your friends status updates and other Facebook features, and use those as your lesson tools. The mobile app integrates feedback from native speakers, helping […]

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