5 Clever Tips to Better Your Photography

1. Shoot Into a Reflection

Whether you shoot a sunset off a glass building, or capture a still life through a mirror, shooting a subject’s reflections is often more interesting that the subject itself.

2. Zoom Out or In During the Shot

For me, the most interesting results have come from using a shutter speed of between 1 second and 1/25 of a second. The key is to take the quickest photo you can while still creating the zoom effect. Slowing down the shutter speed more than that will often create too much distortion. Take these rules with a grain of salt; I came across this by accident and that’s where you get better—in the accidents.

3. Wait Until It Rains

This might not sound like much of a tip, but the power a subject can change completely being drenched in rain. In the photo above, I had walked past the spot a dozen times and it wasn’t until it had rained that the colors really popped.

4. Photograph Slightly Out of Focus

Focus on a subject and dial out the focus, but not so much that you can’t tell what is being photographed. With the subjects out of focus you’re able to allow yourself to not become distracted by unimportant details, creating a more impressionistic shot.

5. Light Your Subject With a Laser Pointer

A tad gimmicky, but nonetheless a technique with potential.

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