Everyme: iPhone’s First Real Social Network?

Everyme has arrived on iPhone. The app allows you to share and keep in touch with different groups of people by creating networks based on your contacts from other programs. It does this tactfully by respecting privacy and avoiding social awkwardness.

Appropriately, the slogan on their website is: “No one wants to share everything with everyone. Share like you do in real life, in intimate Circles.”

Circles are the app’s primary feature, which work like a personal RSS feed dedicated to those you choose to associate with that group. Co-Founder and CEO Oliver Cameron describes the motivation behind the project, “The problem is that as you get more and more friends on Facebook, people who you have wildly differently relationships, the less comfortable you feel sharing updates and content…Two years ago, my sharing on Facebook was significantly different than it is now.”

Everyme can extract your contacts from Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter, but the app maintains its independence by choosing to have no ‘share’ to go from Everyme to those other social networks. Another one of the app’s many charms is that members of your Circle don’t even need to have Everyme themselves; they can instead opt for updates via SMS or Email. ‘Magic Stories’ are Everyme’s ability to automate customizable features, like having it set a self-activating post for your birthday.

Everyme seems like an elixir to Facebook’s privacy issues, but will have to wait and see if it will be able to function successfully as it’s own mobile social media platform.

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