U.S. Government and Mobile Service Providers Approve Setup To Remotely Disable Stolen Cellphones

Mobile Carries and the U.S. government are working together to set up a system that would effectively deactivate any stolen cellphone. Before this initiative rendering the phone useless could only be done by removing the SIM card, an action impossible to carry out if separated from your cellphone.

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer stated Monday that “major cellphone carriers and the Federal Communications Commission have agreed to set up a database of identification numbers that are unique to each phone.”

This database will aid the service providers in disabling any stolen cellphone remotely by providing a list of what are called International Movile Equipment Identity numbers. This approach has already been implemented successfully in Europe, impeding criminals from selling the phones on the black market.

According to the Associated Press, the New York Police has stated that 42% of all property crimes in NYC involved a cellphone. This drive to remotely disable cell phones will inhibit the motivations of would-be criminals, now that they cannot resell the stolen goods.

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