AT&T’s LTE Network Expands To 32 Cities

St. Louis, MO and Staten Island, NY are the newsiest additions to the ever-growing list of cities that will be covered by the mobile carrier’s most advanced networks.

According to an AT&T infographic, nearly 250 million people are covered by their 3G network, and 74 million Americans have access to AT&T’s 4G LTE network. The average download time for the 4G LTE system are not concretely known, but many test suggest the internet performance is up to 10 times faster than the 3G network. AT&T has an array of smart phones that utilize the new and improved network–from Apple’s iPhone to Nokia’s Lumia 900 and other platforms in between. Apple’s iPad is also utilizing the 4G LTE network in its newest models. Presently, AT&T’s lead competitor Verizon Wireless has their LTE network in over 200 cities.

AT&T said that when customers are unable to reach 4G LTE, they can revert to AT&T’s existing HSPA+ speeds, which are faster than 3G, although AT&T has not specified how fast they are on average.

AT&T said that HSPA+ “enables 4G speeds” but only when HSPA+ is combined with enhanced backhaul, which means that a cell tower has been provisioned with a fiber-optic connection and other infrastructure improvements.

AT&T didn’t say how many of its HSPA+ cell towers are backhaul enhanced, although it claim in its infographic that 80% of mobile data traffic runs over enhanced fiber backhaul.

According to figures in the infographic, there have been five wireless speed upgrades at AT&T in recent years, going from UMTS, HSDPA, HUSPA , and HSPA+ to LTE. Those five upgrades were designed to “provide our customers with consistently fast speeds before, during and after LTE deployment,” the infographic says. “Other carriers can’t say the same.”

Source: Computerworld

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