Unexpected: Global PC Shipments Up For Q1

Contrary to popular outlook that PC markets are in an inevitable decline, PC sales are up for the first quarter of 2012, both internationally and in the US.

The increase is around 2% from last year, breaking the expectations of industry analysts believing almost unanimously that sales would drop further this quarter.

With the proliferation of sales in the tablet market it’s difficult to envisage a growing future for the PC market. This, coupled with the expected release of Windows 8 later in the year is what left many unoptimistic about the platform growth this early quarter.

PC Sales Q1’s growth for 2012–with International Shipments 1.9% higher that the same quarter last year. Research houses like Gartner were surprised by the results; they predicted a decline of 1.2% for the quarter.

Industry experts speculated a decline because of a hard drive supply issue caused by flooding in Thailand. PC Shipments appear to be unaffecteded as Gartner’s Mikako Kitagawa explains, “In general, the hard-disk drive supply shortage had a limited impact on PC supply during 1Q12. There was a moderate impact on selected markets, such as low-end consumer notebooks and the white-box market in selected regions. Still, low PC demand was able to mask the tight hard drive supply overall.”

Lenovo’s activity was the most surpizing with it’s growth, but also eye-catching was Acer’s 25% negative change.


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