Google Will LiveStream This Year’s Republican National Convention

According to a post on the company’s blog, Google will be the official social platform and livestream provider of the 2012 Republican National Convention.

This year’s RNC will take place in Tampa, Florida from August 27th-30th. Google plans to heavily cover the event, claiming it will be an event “without walls,” giving online viewers a backstage pass to the occasion’s proceedings.

Google will also be putting into effect Google+ Hangouts, which are a series of videoconferencing conversations that take place off the podium, and allow for people to connect directly with republican leaders, interacting with them in a less staged and more relaxed environment. The feature is not completely new, as President Obama took part in a Google+ Hangout earlier this year.

The convention’s CEO William Harris believes Google is transforming the way politics are covered, “Google and YouTube are transforming the political process, providing voters an unprecedented degree of participation and, for the very first time, giving every American who has access to a computer, tablet, video gaming system, interactive television, or video-enabled smart-phone an exclusive backstage pass to the podium of a national political convention.”

The ultimate goal for Google is to provide viewers with a front-row experience that is more dynamic than to what we are accustomed. Google’s Vice President of Public Policy, Susan Molinari says “”We are excited to work with the Republican National Convention to help break down traditional barriers and empower voters. By incorporating our tools and technology, we are offering a behind the scenes look at the convention process and allowing voters, delegates and viewers to shape the conversation.”

Google’s involvement in the convention will no doubt serve as great promotional stunt for the company, bringing in potential users who might not  otherwise know much about the company.

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