Cyborg-esque Contacts Let You Focus On Two Fields Of View At Once

The Pentagon is seeking to buy a prototype for a contact lens that will allow the eye to focus on two fields of vision at once; allowing simultaneous focus of a background and a foreground. The contact also allows you to focus on a field of view just millimeters from your eye. This means, now that the eye can focus on something as near to it as the lens of some eyeglasses, developers can now focus on displaying screens onto the inside of those glasses, creating a convincing sense of augmented reality.

The technology is called iOptik and is created by Innovega. The company announced earlier this year plans to pursue the design for “augmented reality,” and calls the device a “lifestyle interface”.

This recalls Google’s own prototype for augmented reality unveiled as a side project earlier this year. However, with Innovega’s technology we catch a more tangible glimpse into the actuality of how an augmented reality display will work. With the use of a contact, the technology can be virtually undetectable. Innovega  explains, “By providing a transparent, fashionable, and comfortable interface that is consistent with today’s active lifestyles, the architecture also eliminates the social barrier that traditional opaque and bulky video eyewear seems to create.”

In speaking to the BBC, the company’s CEO Steve Willey stated that “the new contract gives us an immediate opportunity to start prototyping and demonstrating elements of this new system.” It will be exiting to see how this technology develops and in what form it will take when it reaches consumer markets.

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