Not So Shocking: Wireless Data Traffic Up 123% Since Last Year

According to industry trade group CTIA, “Americans used more than 123% more wireless data traffic in 2011 than 2010,” growing from 388 billion megabytes to 866.7 billion megabytes. The news isn’t surprising considering smartphone and tablet sales are higher than ever.

Most mobile carriers are working towards omnipresent 4G networks. The data affirms those companies’ directions, by proving that more consumers are looking to utilize mobile technology. The survey found exceptional growth outside of the smartphone market, showing a 49% leap upwards in the number of tablets and computers using wireless.

Included in the survey were some strange findings, as GigaOM points out:

“To put the wireless data traffic of 2010 compared with 2011 into perspective, if you were walking and listening to five songs per mile and each song lasted for four minutes:

  • In 2010, you would walk 77,601,961,033 miles, or the equivalent of 3,116,419 times around the world for 2,952,890 years and listen to 97 billion songs.
  • In 2011, you would walk 173,364,056,929 miles, or the equivalent of 6,962,132 times around the world for 6,596,806 years and listen to 216.7 billion songs.”

Despite the awkward song analogy, CTIA confirms the well-known fact that wireless data traffic is growing with no signs of slowing down.

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