Banjo Reaches 1 Million Users Faster Than Pinterest, Foursquare & Twitter Did

Ambient social networking tool Banjo hit the 1 miliion user mark in just 9 months. The same feat was accomplished by Twitter in 24 months, Foursquare in 16 months and Pinterest in 13 months.

Banjo’s succes lies in the company’s top priority: adapting to the customer’s needs. For example, when the company saw Instagram’s fast-moving success they immediately integrated the photo-sharing platform into its own app. In no time, Banjo made it so that you could view, favorite and comment on others Instagram pics from the Banjo app.

With today’s rapidly advancing technologies (see Moore’s Law), it is clear that the successful companies of tomorrow will be those that can adapt. Those who are unwilling to adapt will be left behind and Banjo’s willingness to adapt is what separates Banjo from other location based services. Banjo’s Director of Engagement Jennifer Peck explains:

“We kind of have a thing in the Banjo office: We’re all wrong and the user will tell us when we’re right,” she said. “So many times, apps go out or products go out that you think ‘oh this is what the user want,’ and oftentimes you have to change things they want. We’re really excited that we’ve been able to give the users what they want so quickly.”

Banjo represents the future of ambient social networking as it moves past being simply a check-in app. It’s most impressive feature is its news feed, allowing you to zoom in on an area and look at the conversations taking place there. For instance, if you hear of an event happening downtown you can use Banjo to look at the actual conversations taking place at that event. This makes it greatly different from Highlight and other background running apps. Banjo can survey these conversations from other services like Twitter and Foursquare and map them out for you on the home screen. This means not everybody has to use Banjo for you to connect with them.

Infographic via Betakit

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