Smoopa: The Price-comparing, Barcode Scanning App That Rewards You For Finding Good Deals

The company’s website reads: Not sure if it’s a good price? Get paid for using your phone to find out.

Smoopa is the newest price-scanning app that actually pays you  to find bargains while shopping. It was originally only available for Android, but now they have released an iOS version.

App creator and company founder Mendel Chuang has already raised half a million from angel investor. He talks about the app, “We’re at an inflection point with local shopping and there’s an opportunity to change the landscape that hasn’t existed before.” The app has been doing well, already getting more than 100,000 downloads on Google Play.

The app uses a custom barcode scanner and database of more than 12 million products to figure whether it is cheaper to buy a given product in-store or online. Smoopa recommends an in-store buy with a green arrow, or gives you a yellow arrow and shows you where the better deals are online. The app also integrates Foursquare‘s database of locations, adding where you are purchase an item to its database.

There are other similar apps, like ShopSavvy, but this one is clearly different. Smoopa allow users to track a products and gives you alerts if its price goes up or down. It also has a history feature that lets you see what you have scanned already and where. You can access all this information from the company’s website.

Currently, in the app’s database are companies like Wal-Mart, Best Buy,, and others. Best Buy benefits from the app because they have an in-store policy of matching online prices. This app makes it so that competitors will have to lower their prices as well if they are currently selling at a higher price in-store.

Smoopa makes money through affiliate revenue when users make a purchase through the app. Curiously, the app also offers a $2 referral bonus for every friend you get to download the app. It also rewards you for sharing price information, giving you a random shot at credits, gift cards or rebate checks every time you use it.

Another great feature is that the app includes shipping costs in its comparisons, meaning you won’t have to tabulate that in your head. The app also has Facebook integration, allowing you to share your Smoopa activity with friends.

Chuang’s husband Langton talks about the iOS app that he designed, “[Chuang] now admits the iOS app is even a little better than the Android one.” As TechCrunch reported, Langton was a Massachusetts state trooper for 18 years who has picked up coding over the last year and a half. He says to iOS version is better and it just came out, so if you have an iPhone you should check it out.

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