Spotify Gets Radical Update For Android 4.0

Today, Spotify released a greatly improved beta version of their mobile app for Android 4.0. It’s not available on Google Play yet, but you can download the preview version from Spotify’s website, or by clicking on the link here from your Android device.

The android app was originally released in November of last year, but the updated version shows a complete renovation. Spotify Premium comes at a price of 9.99 a month, which you will need to to access the service from your smartphone. Spotify does have a free service online, but you will need to pay the premium fee for full support of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

The new interface looks crisp, with a sharp design. Adding to the visuals, Spotify now has high quality images to showcase the artist. The clunky navigation bar is gone from the last version, being replaced by a slide-out button on the top left corner which gives you more space to browse content. There is such a stark contrast between this version and the last that it’s almost unrecognizable.

Another key feature is the apps speed. It is markedly faster than the old version and makes using the interface much easier. This was a common complaint from users of the last Android app. Spotify also has a new feature where you can browse similar artists to the ones you are listening to. It carries over essential features from the previous version like the search tab and playlists.

With Spotify’s newest app there is a greater focus on the social element. The program focuses on building your user experience around friend’s profiles and playlists. Where before you would see an album recommendation at the top of the screen, now you will what your friends are listening to. Sharing is also emphasized as you can now do that through email, Facebook or Google+.

Spotify’s newest release is still in it’s beta version, so once you download it, you will have to make sure you adjust your settings. Before the apps releases on Google Play, Spotify will be adding folder support and Last.FM scrobbling. You can download the preview app here from your Android phone.

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