MyStream: The iPhone App That Lets You Share Music Without Sharing Headphones

Share Your Music… Not Your Headphones!

MyStream is a device-to-device music broadcaster that lets you share music with people around you. When you’re near another MyStream user, you can hear what they are listening to and get access to their playlists and songs. It’s really easy to use and great for sharing music with friends.

If connected to WiFi, up to 30 people can share music at once and with Bluetooth up to 5 people can listen at once. MyStream makes it so you no longer have to share headphones or use a splitter. Now you can share music on long trips without having to compromise your listening experience.

The app uses your iPhone’s music library (not yet out on Android) to gather its songs for sharing with others. Of course, you can adjust the permissions so that you only share with friends. It makes purchasing songs very easy. If you’re listening to a song that you like from another iPhone user, MyStream provides you with a direct link to download the song from the iTunes store.

MyStream is already being used in 90 countries and its reception is almsot unanimously positive. Rolling Stone magazine called it an “awesome app.”

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