Sonar: Uncover The Connections You Share With People Nearby

Sonar is a mobile iPhone app that lets you uncover the connections you share with people nearby.

The app taps into one of your social networking accounts (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Foursquare) and scans the public profiles of people around you, and then arranges them based on similarities based on mutual interests or friends in common.

The interface is easy to navigate and makes meeting new people very easy. First, when you turn on the app it shows you trending events or venues nearby. You tap one of those events and it will take you to a list of people at that event, organizing them based on their relevance to you. The higher the people are on the list, the more relevance they have to you. So, someone at the top of your list might have some friends in common with you or other similarities. When you find someone you want to connect with, Sonar allows you to break the ice painlessly. It sends a message alluding to a shared commonality and asks to meetup. Finding similarities in ambient social networking are key, and once you find people with those similarities, you have “enough social proof to get the conversation going,” as the company founder explains.

Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Linkedin are the services currently supported by Sonar. This means you can connect with other people even if they don’t use Sonar themselves. The company’s founder Brett Martin hinted at expanded the support range further to include other web services like Last.FM.

Sonar lets you make real-life friends out of online acquaintances fast. Sonar was built to date for $250k, which is surprising considering there are competitors that have spent 20 times that and have still not done as well. The apps reception is positive for the most part, except for one reoccurring complaint: that you can’t disable the background-running location service without removing the app.

Here’s a video review from BizNetworkGuy


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