Buy And Sell Easily With Those Around You: Zaarly

Zaarly is a peer-to-peer mobile service that connects buyers and sellers in are in the same area. Last march at LA Startup Weekend, the company raised $1 million from some high profile investors, including Ashton Kutcher and TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington. When it launched last May, it logged more than $1 million transactions in less than a month.

The service has been compared to craigslist, but it’s more mobile with a infrastructure in place to help transactions get made. How it works is: a buyer posts what exactly they want, how much they’re willing to pay for it, and how soon they need it. Sellers can then scan the task listings for things they want to bid on. When enough sellers have bid on a given task or service, the buyer chooses who he wants for the job. Zarrly then connects the two via Twilio–an anonymous phone number service. Also, you can SMS mesage anonymously, where Zaarly record an archive of your conversation. The service has its own integrated credit card payment system that you can use, or you can just use cash. Zarrly also has Twitter and Facebook integration, allowing you to share your requests on your social networks.

The company’s managers do a pretty good job of keeping out spam or inappropriate requests. The request posts stay up on the site for up to a week, and since the service is in the cloud, you can switch back and forth between your iPhone and you computer. The app has an activity tab where you can look at your past offers and requests.

Zaarly is widely popular, and has even been featured by Apple on the iTunes. The range of what you can come across is endless, from finding performers, to deliveries, to any kind of service. Zaarly has expanded to many of the U.S.’s major cities, including NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, LA and Austin. Zaarly is available for Android or the iPhone.

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