Circle: An Effortless Ambient Social Networking Service With Great Design

Circle is an ambient social networking tool that allows you to always know when Friends and Networks are nearby.

Evan Reas, CEO and Co-Founder of Circle, explains his inspiration for the app:

“It could be magical to always know who is around you, whether that’s knowing that your friend who you haven’t seen in six weeks is in a cafe next door, or that the woman sitting next to you on the plane is from your tiny hometown in Wisconsin.”

Circle keeps things simple. The app is able to keep functionality is its primary focus without sacrificing the apps beautiful design. The app works like other similar location-based services, in that it uses Facebook data to survey the people around you. But Circle is unique in a couple of interesting ways. First, it doesn’t use any maps. This eliminates most of what makes ambient social networking feel sketchy. Second, unlike other background running app, according to its description in the Apple App Store, it “doesn’t drain your batter quickly.”

As long as Circle continues to keep it simple, it can potentially get a lot of people using it fast. Evan explains his goal for the app, “we wanted to be the app that will quickly and simply give you the answer to ‘Who’s around me right now that I care about?’ anytime, anywhere.”

Circle is available for iPhone now, and should be available on Android any day now (their website says sometime in april).

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