Nest Thermostat Gets Update, Adds 10-Day History

Nest updated its thermostat software a couple weeks ago to include a 10-day history feature that you can track from your smartphone.

Matt Rogers is VP of Engineering at Nest, and explains the update:

“The enhanced Energy History we’ve launched is for those of you who’ve requested more detail about your energy use and easier access to energy info. No longer locked inside your Nest, this deeper energy data is now available on the Web app, iPad and both Android and iPhone smartphones.”

Nest is a thermostat designed by former Apple desinger Tony Fadell. The unit itself has great design, but comes at a steep price–$250. The circular thermostat is fairly large, boasting a beautiful chrome ring and large, colorful lcd panel.

Nest is a smart device, meaning it takes cues from your behavior to enhance your lifestyle. Nest makes your life more comfortable and more energy conscious. It learns your temperature setting habits (usually taking about a week) and then crafts a custom schedule for you. With the newest updates, you can now control your Nest entirely from your smartphone.

Installing the unit is very easy. There are labels for the wires you connect to the wall, and if you accidentily connect the wrong wire, Nest will let you know. Once mounted, the outer ring allows you to adjust the temperature. The screen is easy on the eyes, turing blue when it’s cooling your room, red when it’s warming it up and even gives you a leaf indicator when your are saving energy.

Fadell is not trying to revolutionize the world. Accoring to Mashable, Fadell told an enthusiastic crowd, “We’re talking about a thermostat here.” Despite his modesty, Nest could be selling a lot of units in the future. Some are quick to turn it down because of its price, but remote access is great and as mobile becomes a larger part of our lives more people will find value in Nest.

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