Exposed: Google’s Original Phone From 2006

Today in San Francisco, Google’s orignal phone design from 2006 came out in the U.S. District Court case of Oracle v. Google. The high stakes jury trial exposed Google’s initial phone plan as evidence.

In 2006, Google proposed to T-Mobile a plan for a phone that would work on an open-software platform and contain features like Google search, maps, and Gmail. It was said to include a $9.99 unlimited data plan. Also, it was said to include the use of SIM cards, a whole two years before Google’s original G1 ever even came out.

Unfortunately for Google, the evidence brings up proof of Java integration frequently, which is what the case is primarily based on.

In its proposition to T-Mobile, Google said, “basic phone user interfaces and the ability to integrate as a 3rd party are still a barrier.” This was a problem that Google was hoping to solve along with T-Mobile.

“At Google, we believe we can be successful in transforming the mobile experience — in the same way we have revolutionized the fixed Internet experience.” With T-Mobile still dishing out the monthly bill and with it’s SIM card integration, Google was hoping to get the project underway.

The plans laid out for the phone included a 2 megapixel camera, 3G service compatibility, 64 MB of RAM, Bluetooth 1.2 and USB support. The phone was also said to have two key buttons, far different from the touchscreen smartphones of today. At the time Blackberry was dominating the market. You can see the influence in the design of the phone.

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