Why Does Amazon Keep Leaking Kindle Documentation In China?

Leaked help documents on China’s Amazon site hint at an Amazon Kindle release in China soon. In a telling move, once the information was released on different tech news sites, Amazon immediately pulled the help documents from its site.

This could just be speculation; in the past a similar happenings occurred and still no Kindle release in China. Last year, documents were leaked to the press describing a product called Jin Du–translated into english as “golden reading.” This looked like a sure sign of a Kindle release in China, but a year has passed and still no Kindle release for China.

Kindle’s release in China is imminent. Amazon must move quick if they want to stay competitive globally in the e-reader market. Currently, China’s top e-reader devices are made by Chinese companies. Wan Hanhua, president of Amazon China, has even spoken openly about bringing Kindle to China. So when are we going to see it released?

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