ShowYou Is Now A Web Service: How It Works And What’s Different

Two days ago, ShowYou–the social video app for smartphones and tablets–announced it would be releasing it’s services on the web. Now you can view Showyou’s video grids direct on your computer instead of having to use your mobile devices.

The web-based ShowYou comes with an updated search engine software that brings you more accurate and relevant results. On its web version, you can use all the features that were available in the mobile version including easy sharing, and the ability to like items you come across.

In February, the company released an updated version of ShowYou with more emphasis on social networking. Since then, you can create your own profile and see all of your shares, likes, and other activity from your home screen. ShowYou is also based in HTML5 so you can use it with any device.

ShowYou brings together videos from your friends on various social networks and social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo. The company boasts an impressive 1 billion user shares, which it calls “social signal data.” The average active user session for ShowYou is 30-40 minutes.

Founder Mark Hall expands on ShowYou’s growth:

”The launch of Showyou on the web today is the first step we’re taking to accelerate growth…We want to allow all of the people who have our app now to connect with their friends. And not all of them have an iPad or iPhone…The web provides a way for people who have the app to connect with their friends and share videos with [those] who may not have the app.”

Check out the new web service at

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