Mobile’s Supercompany: How Samsung Remains The World’s Most Dominant Smartphone Maker

Samsung appears to be the No.1 smartphone seller in the world, having sold 44.5 million smartphone for Q1 of 2012 according to Strategy Analytics. Apple by comparison, sold 35.1 million iPhones in their quarter. Samsung increased its profits by an impressive 82% to 5.05 trillion won, and total mobile phones shipped for the company reached 93.5 million units. Currently, Samsung accounts for 25% of the global cell phone market.

Alex Spektor of Strategy Analytics explains Samsung’s remarkable performance:

“Global smartphone shipments grew 41 percent annually to reach 145.3 million units in Q1 2012…Samsung overtook Apple to become the world’s largest smartphone vendor by volume with a record 31 percent market share. Samsung’s global smartphone shipments rose 253 percent annually to 44.5 million units, as demand surged for its popular Galaxy models such as the Note, S2 and Y.”

The company’s lead in the global cell phone market is partly due to Nokia’s recent demise. Nokia’s shipments declined 24% to 82.7 million units in the quarter, breaking a 14 year streak as No.1 mobile phone vendor.

Strategy Analytics’s Neil Mawston explains Nokia’s decline:

”Volumes were squeezed at both ends, as low-end feature phone shipments in emerging markets stalled and high-end Microsoft Lumia smartphones were unable to offset the rapid decline of Nokia’s legacy Symbian business. Nokia was the world’s largest handset vendor between 1998 and 2011, for 14 years, before finally yielding top position to rival Samsung this quarter.”

Remember that these are the numbers of an outside firm–not directly released by Samsung, so the number could be inaccurate. Some think that Samsung would have released the news themselves if the striking numbers are true. But, in doing so, it would be giving Apple a clearly defined number to beat. Either way, the supercompany Samsung is dominating the global mobile market.

One Response to “Mobile’s Supercompany: How Samsung Remains The World’s Most Dominant Smartphone Maker”

  1. interesting, i thought iphone was no1

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