Will Restaurants Adapt To A Mobile Future?: 95% Of Restaurants Don’t Have Mobile Sites & More

According to market research group Restaurant Sciences, 95% of all independently owned restaurants in the U.S. do not have a mobile site. With a huge growth in mobile internet usage, will these restaurants survive if they don’t adapt to the changing technologies?

The findings from the report are startling:

  • Only 40% of all websites had their menu available online.
  • 1 out of 8 restaurant chains has a mobile site.
  • 1 out of 20 independently owned restaurants have a mobile site.
  • More than half of websites surveyed didn’t even have a website.

In addition to the shocking data, lets also consider that restaurants are fond of flash-based websites, which is unfortunate considering most flash sites are impossible to view on a smartphone.

Imagine searching for a restaurant on Yelp, clicking on a link to that restaurant’s webpage and not being able to see any of their site on your phone. The numbers show that may frequently be the case. If people go as far as to visit a restaurant’s webpage, by not having it accessible via mobile, the restaurants are effectively giving the customer a reason to not explore the restaurant further.

Restaurants are mostly successful because they deliver excellent service and food, so web presence is not their primary concern. That said, we see mupromotion on TV for smaller restaurants and they do want to spread the word about their restaurant. The numbers infer that most restaurants need to rethink their marketing strategies by giving more attention to their mobile websites.

2 Responses to “Will Restaurants Adapt To A Mobile Future?: 95% Of Restaurants Don’t Have Mobile Sites & More”

  1. Resteraunts have to embrace the future. The internet was a must ten years ago already and today mobile is becoming essential. Your resteraunt absolutely has to have a website that is a bare minimum. The website should have a sample version of the menu, description of the flavors and cultural significance. An easy to read map should be available and the resteraunt should be easily located on Google Maps.

    That is the bare minimum any resteraunt should have. Another major factor is online reviews. A resteraunt wanting to be successful needs to be endorsed. Back in the good ol days you’d get your local paper to review your joint. But these days their are a good dozen food critics within 100km of your joint. These critics have fan bases and readers, getting them into your resteraunt and impressing them helps bring in customers.

    Then if you have a chain mobile is now essential. An App is a great idea though very few chains have them, someone goes on the app can locate the nearest location. Other nifty app features can help bring in customers. Social media like a Facebook page, Twitter feeds and a YouTube channel for special events. All of the above helps bring in customers.

    These days people don’t just drive downtown looking for a place to eat. They don’t open up a yellow pages, phone book or newspaper. I haven’t been to a resteraunt in over a year without checking reviews and the Facebook pages.

    All businesses need to embrace technology as it evolves. Companies that don’t evolve alongside technology don’t survive long! The resteraunt industry is a service industry and that website could mean the difference between an empty resteraunt and a full one.

    • I agree with all your points. The report painted a dismal picture, but the numbers with regards to apps, twitter presence, etc., must be even worse. I do agree and think that those restaurants that don’t adapt to rapidly growing tech might not survive.

      Thanks for your comment!

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