69% Of Tablet Owners Surf The Web While Watching TV: Clear Signs Of Mobile Usage On The Rise?

A recent report by Nielsen reveals some insightful findings about how we use our tablet devices while watching TV.

According to the report, 69% of tablet owners watch TV and use the internet simultaneously, several times a week. 45% of tablet owners would do so at least once a day. Only 12% of tablet owners surveyed said they never used the device while watching TV. Last year the findings would have been shocking, but given the fast-growing presence of mobile devices, the findings are not surprising.

There were also discrepancies between men and women. Men were more likely to use their tablets to look up info related to the TV program they were watching, while women were more likely to look up information related to an advertisement. Men were also more likely to check sports scores than women (44% to 24%).

The younger generation also uses tablets differently than their older counterparts. Younger people were more likely to check social networking sites, while older adults checked their email more.

Checking email remains the most popular tablet activity while watching TV, where 61% of people surveyed checking their email while watching TV. The second most popular activity was with 47% of people checking social networking sites.

It seems with this information that TV stations will strive to produce tablet based apps for their viewers. Do you think there will be more tablet activity like this in the future? Let us know.

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