Get Rewards At More Than 15 Million Locations With Mobile Punchcard

Punchcard is a mobile service available for Android and iPhone that works like a digital version of the rewards system punchcard. In 3 months, the company has already integrated 15 million locations and is almost cash-flowing.

The app is simple and easy to use–you verify a purchase by taking a photo of the receipt and collect punches for each purchase. On the company website they say, “every time you fill a punch card you can expect to get rewarded with cash or freebies.”

It works almost everywhere, from coffee shops and gas stations to supermarkets or clothing stores, and lots of well known restaurant chains like Subway. There are other apps out there, but none have more than 15 million locations like Punchcard.

Punchcard CEO Andy Steuer explains the app, “If you look at other location-based apps, they’ve turned on the ability to check in anywhere,” says Steuer, “and we’ve turned on the ability to check-out anywhere.” He doesn’t share how much money they are making but does say they are “generating revenue from the sales of several thousand locations.”

The mobile service has its largest presence in Southern California where it was founded. Punchcard is growing fast, doubling in app usage and downloads every week. The company just partnered with a local marketing group–KDA Group–and will sell Punchcard to their expansive network of chain restaurants and stores. Businesses can also use Punchcard’s service to see analytics on who their customers are. For that it comes at a price of 29$ a month.

This type of app is catching on as larger companies are buying out these mobile services. Facebook purchased Tagtile and Google acquired Punchd. Punchcard is different from these services in that you don’t need  a credit card to use it. How will apps like Punchcard change the lanscape of mobile purchases in the future?

Check out Punchcard for Android and iPhone.

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