The Twitter Of Email Releases Updated App With Offline Mode

Shortmail is an email service that restricts messages to 500 characters or less. This means, if someone sends you a longer message, Shortmail will message them back and request a shorter message. The app helps you eliminate the superflous in your life by managing your email intake.

The new app comes with a feature called “let’s chill” that allows you to postpone sending out an email, reminding you at a later time. Shortmail’s real value is in its new offline mode. Working with an email service offline can oftentimes seem near impossible. With Shortmail, it seamlessly lets you know when you’re offline, allows you to continue working uninterrupted, and then sends out the message next time you are online. The service’s only drawback is that you have to use a Shortmail email address to make use of its features.

Check out Shortmail today via the iTunes Store.

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