Easiest Way To Find Your Next Home On Your Smartphone: Zillow Rentals

Zillow releases its first rental app for Android devices, an app called Zillow Rentals.

Apps are a big part of Zillow’s success. The company has 10 apps currently, and on weekends 40% of Zillow’s traffic comes from mobile devices. That contributes to the 32 million visitors Zillow has per month. Last year, 155 million homes were viewed from mobile devices.

The new app is faster and much easier to use. Jeremy Wacksman, VP of marketing at Zillow explains the decision to release its rental app on Android instead of iPhone “[iPhones] tend to skew younger, and we felt this group of earlier adopters could benefit from an app developed specifically with renters in mind.”

Zillow already has its services on the iPhone,iPad, Kindle Fire, Blackberry and Window’s Phone. The release of a rental app comes because of growing activity within the services rental faction. TechCrunch explains, “some 70 percent of markets tracked in the Zillow Rental Index showed increases in annual home value. In contrast, only 14 percent of markets tracked in the Zillow Home Value Index (for house sale prices) went up in price.”

“Zestimates”, what Zillow calles its price estimates on houses, are just one of the new features you can use with the new app. On Zillow Rentals you can compare prices of different houses, use Android voice, make use of push notifications, and even contact home owners directly through the app.

Check out Zillow Rentals for Andriod via Google Play.

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