Wi-Fi Finally Coming To NYC’s Underground Subway Stations?

After years of waiting, it seems underground wifi will be coming to NYC’s subway terminals. The service comes as a collaboration between Transit Wireless and Boingo. Over the next five years, underground Wi-Fi access will become available in all stations spanning Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens.

Boingo already boasts an impressive customer base, with already 500,000 locations worldwide. Boingo users will delight in being able to use the service underground in NYC. Currently, Boingo’s monthly service comes at $7.95 a month and you will be able to surf the web underground through the company’s services. Also, subscribers of Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile can make use of the service through a roaming fee.

The plan is ongoing in its development as the company’s communications manage Katie O’Neill explains to VentureBeat, “the customer experience side is in development, and will have more to announce later as the plans evolve.”

Transit Wireless’s involvement with Boingo comes as part of the companies effort to wire NYC’s underground subway system with cell phone service. Six stations are already making use of the service, and 30 are supposed to be live by the end of 2012.

Underground Wi-Fi has been a long time coming, but we look forward to browsing the web from NYC’s subway stations.

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