Mice And Keyboards Rendered Obsolete In The Future?: Here’s How.

A group of researchers working out of Carnagie Mellon University and Disney Research in Pittsburgh have developed a new, more advanced touch technology called Touché.

Touché will advance the ways we interface with mobile technologies. Touché seems likely to evolve the ways we use tablets and smartphone devices. In the future, we might only need our bodies to control gadgets, doing away with mice and keyboards.

The video below shows how Touché technology can allow you to control a music player by using only your hands. In the video, the pinky finger is used to pause a song, while two fingers on the palm trigger a playback.

Touché is a step forward from the current binary touch techonologies. Most smartphones and tablets only capture one frequency of touch–either you are touching the screen or not. Touché records multiple touch signals, giving the device more information on how you are interacting with the screen. In the video this is demonstrated on a doorknob, as the technology recognizes a clear difference between pushing, pinching, and grasping the doorknob. Also demonstrated, is a tablet like device that is pinched in order to bring up a right click menu. The technology is even shown to work on a table, recognizing the difference between hands hand elbows, and accurately reporting how many fingers are being used in a given gesture.

Mobile devices are getting smaller, but with this technology precision of control can be increased. Perhaps, we will soon be able to control a smartphone or tablet by gesturing on a desk or table. The research team’s Chris Harrison explains this idea further:

“Devices keep getting smaller and increasingly are embedded throughout the environment, which has made it necessary for us to find ways to control or interact with them.”

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