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A Smart Step Forward Into Ambient Social Networking: Facebook Acquired Glancee

Glancee is a leader in ambient social networking, along with competitors Highlight and Sonar. Unlike its competitors Glancee is the easiest to use and least creepy of the bunch. Perhaps this is part of the reason Facebook bought Glancee instead of one of its competitors.Or, it could just be the mobile service that came with […]

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How To Meet New Friends (Or Reconnect With Old Ones) Using Highlight

Highlight failed to impress at this years SXSW, but only because the app is not built to thrive in that environment, it’s built for meeting new people and is still the future. Highlight is a location-based social discovery app, currently only available on iPhone through the app store. Most technology enthusiasts see Highlight as the […]

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The Stalker-Free Path to Ambient Social Networking: Glancee

Glancee is an ambient social networking app devoid of any creepiness. The app, which you can get for iPhone or Android platforms, is one of the most straight-forward location-based services out there. You just launch the app, and it¬†immediately¬†shows you the Facebook profiles of people nearby. Unlike other similar services, it doesn’t map out exactly […]

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