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A Smart Step Forward Into Ambient Social Networking: Facebook Acquired Glancee

Glancee is a leader in ambient social networking, along with competitors Highlight and Sonar. Unlike its competitors Glancee is the easiest to use and least creepy of the bunch. Perhaps this is part of the reason Facebook bought Glancee instead of one of its competitors.Or, it could just be the mobile service that came with […]

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Is Facebook Overvalued?

Yesterday, Facebook’s released the most recent update of its IPO prospectus, revealing some interesting details and insights into where the company is heading. The company’s growth rate proved uninspiring for investors. The valuation at their current growth rate is much lower than that of their expected IPO. Facebook’s growth rate for Q1 of 2012 was […]

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Instagram Becomes Top Free App in Apple’s App Store

Diehard fans of the photo-sharing program Instagram cringed when they heard it was being acquired by Facebook for 1 billion dollars, but that hasn’t stopped the app’s popularity from growing. Today, Instagram became Apple’s most downloaded free app. Despite Instagram’s success, many are still bitter and skeptical about the company’s new position under Facebook. Photo […]

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